Essay: Communitarian Europe

17 Oct

Essay: Communitarian Europe

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On the other hand, since Europe has a communitarian or conservative political convention, it tends to be stronger on immigration issues. However it is more effortlessly controlled by the liberal left over matters such as freedom of speech and welfare. This is because challenging the liberal left on these matters would be considered as weakening social unity, which is regarded as tremendously significant among European conservatives.

US’s dedication to classical liberalism and its standard of freedom of opportunity is reproduced in its education structure, which is egalitarian and state run at the secondary stage. However it tends to be personally run and more meritocratic at the tertiary stage.

By contrast, European education structures tend to be more conventional at the secondary stage, with individual streams or schools for low and high attaining learners, and egalitarian and state-funded at the university stage (where US campuses have been considered to be top-quality at post graduate research).

In communitarian Europe, left liberalism tends to be superior by the welfare structure, which both recompenses individuals and communally moulds them, whilst in the right liberal United States leftist politics tends to be motivated by the legal structure, which develops left liberal causes by signifying the socially-wronged people (Some thoughts on liberalism in Europe and America, n.d.).

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