Essay: The Colbran Institute Performance Appraisal

19 Oct

Essay: The Colbran Institute Performance Appraisal

Sample Essay

Colobran Institute utilizes the graphic rating scale type of performance appraisal. The graphic rating scale is a type of performance appraisal method in which the administrator basically verifies the employee’s level of performance. This is the oldest and most general method used by many institutions for performance appraisal.

This method contains contents like, load of work, this is volume of work under normal working conditions; attitude, this is whether one demonstrates enthusiasm and cooperativeness on the job; and cooperation which refers to eagerness and aptitude to work with others to generate desired goals. The rating scales can take account of five essentials which may include: Unsatisfactory, Fair, Satisfactory, Good and Excellent. Although this type has advantages of having less time consumption and its capability of tolerating quantitative comparison, its problems are more than the benefits (Kramer et al 1997, p.65).

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