Essay: Cognitive theory

12 Oct

Essay: Cognitive theory

Sample Essay

The cognitive theory focuses on the mental process of learning which assist in learning. The last theory of constructiveness views students as ones who can be able to come up with good ideas without being coerced, they only needs to be directed and finally will come up with new and constructive ideas. In medical field these theories are practices to a great extent. Learning is seen in people through the manifestation of the behaviors (Thorndike, 1999). Psychologists again understand that the behavior of an individual or a student is affected by the environment.

The student will be coping and putting to practices what is happening in the environment. Those students with experiences in health in institution are able to appreciate what they are learning in class (Barret et al., 2005). It is even advantageous for the student who are working and learning at the same time because they are able to practice what they have learnt in class. The behavior is guided by the contiguity and the reinforcement which are central in making a habit to be repeated several times. Conditioning of the behavior is reinforced by peer group and the routine work that we do.

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