Essay: Coca Cola’s History

1 Jan

Essay: Coca Cola’s History

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The Coca Cola Company was founded by Dr. John Pemberton in Atlanta in 1886 as a medicinal drink which soon became popular as a recreational and refreshing drink in the following years. The trademark of the Coca Cola for the company and the product however was registered in 1893. Over the following years till the year 2008, the company has undergone significant changes in terms of its product offerings, its operations and business, the market in which it operates as well as the mergers and acquisitions as well as selling of subsidiary businesses.

“The company attempted to change the formula of its core Coca-Cola drink in 1985. Following extensive market research, a new sweeter formula was introduced. Despite massive advertising backing, the new formula met with wide public disapproval and six months later; the company was forced to reintroduce beverages based on the original formula, Coca-Cola Classic.

The company consolidated theUSbottling operations it owned into Coca-Cola Enterprises in 1986, and sold 51% of the new company (Coca-Cola Enterprises) to the public. The company sold Columbia Pictures to Sony in 1989.” (‘Coca Cola Company Profile’, 2007)

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