Essay: China’s mention of being a hegemon

15 Oct

Essay: China’s mention of being a hegemon

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Based on the recent pew poll which showed that pluralities in thirteen out of twenty five countries believe that United States will be replaced by China as globally leading superpower should not be accepted due to the reasons discussed below:

For us to proof the decline, knowledge on misleading metaphors of organic decline is vital. It should be noted that nations are not like humans who have predictable life spans. Looking at Britain losing its colonies of America at the end of 18th century, Walpole Horace lamented Britain’s reduction to being insignificant as a country as Sardinia or Denmark. This was due to failure to foresee that Britain would be given a greater ascendancy in the second century by industrial revolution (Nau 876). What resulted was that Rome remained dominant for more than three hundred years after apogee of Roman power. Taking in to account American estimates of Soviet Power and Japanese power both in 1970s and 1980s respectively, we can remember the wild exaggerations. Currently, prediction of many that China will replace the United Sates and many confidently believing that America will not be replaced in 21ST century cannot be proved due to range of possible futures. The prediction of the poll is not what to go by. Yes, the economic growth of China is conspicuous but it should be noted that high rate of economic growth of China does not imply that it will be in a position to surpass United States in power but it will be closer to united states in power resources. It is estimated that China due to its growth might give United States of America a chance to run its money but not United States passing its all power to china in 21st century.

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