Essay: A Child’s ability at 36 Months

17 Oct

Essay: A Child’s ability at 36 Months

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At 36 months, development of language and communication further shifts to observation abilities where they can differentiate between gender and can give their own sexes as either being male or female (boy or girl) (Yang, 2004, p. 54). This is based on observation and differentiation. The use of verbs also become more dominant and can reasonably follow their experiences with the environment. The child then goes ahead to identify and name familiar animals with extensive verbalization in most of activities they may get involved.

Repetition of phrases, words, and syllables is much, indicating that the child is almost able to describe some scenarios. This behavior is followed by a better use of adjectives and adverbs implying that they can describe an action in relation to where they happen. According to Beck et al. (2002, p. 81), they also become aware of numbers at about 60 months and most of them can count from one to ten. Vowels and consonants are also mastered at this age. They include m, b, h, w, p, kg, t, d, y, and ng . The concept of time also dawns to them and can correctly identify different times such as morning, evening, night, yesterday, and today etcetera.

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