Essay: Characteristics of Compatibilism Theory

3 Feb

Essay: Characteristics of Compatibilism Theory

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The main characteristic of the theory of compatibilism is that it is the only theory which is able to be applied to the behavior of human nature in the real life scenario. This gives the theory a large advantage over the others which tend to talk of theoretical scenarios which can cater to human behavior. As determinism is based on the fact that environment, and past events tend to affect the human behavior of a person at any given time, they are right to criticize the theory of compatibitilism as it goes against the basis of their concept. However they have to keep in mind that a person does not always behave in the same manner. It is possible for a person to depict volatile behavior which shows free will. As a result it is possible for a person to be making use of determinism while still employing free will in certain instances as well.

However this does not mean that the concept of pure free will is entirely correct as well. The libertarians tend to argue the compatibilsm stating it to be another form of determinism. However in reality it is the closest form of free will that is practiced by humans in their lives. This is because the humans have to face multiple factors when making decision and in almost all the circumstances they tend to make their decision on a cost benefit analysis. The theory of compatibilsm takes this into account and gives a more practical picture of the [practice of free will by humans in their decision making, cognition and behavior.

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