Essay: Changing the Organization

17 Oct

Essay: Changing the Organization

Sample Essay

The key to changing the organization’s image for the UAE is through identifying competencies for staffing the federal HR organization of the present and future. The change strategy shall entirely depend on the workforce or employees who have acquired and mastered the competencies identified for successful implementation of the model. These persons with competencies are banked on because they usually effectively use their skills, knowledge’s, abilities, and other characteristics to contribute to mission accomplishment.

However, the change needs to come systematic with drivers for change viewed in terms of impact of need for change forces impacting on the HRM. Some of these forces are so pronounced to be neglected. For example is the removal of the Federal Personnel Manual which projected the need for the UAE institutions to: a requirement to strengthen Human Resources expertise, increased servicing ratios, add value for their clients, client discontent with HR services, , and changing information technology lead to a need to transform the roles of the HR practitioners.

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