Essay: Challenges to Expect and Gaps to be Addressed

14 Oct

Essay: Challenges to Expect and Gaps to be Addressed

Sample Essay

There are several problems I expect to face during my placement period. This is due to the fact that people are normally different and everyone reacts differently in different situations and I should be able to deal with these problems professionally.

Some of the problems I expect can be generally classified as personal issues. One of this is the emotional issues I might face during my placement and this will in turn interfere with my learning process. These might arise from external problems I face in my day to day life or even emotional problems that arise from my interaction with others during this period. Secondly, keeping in mind that it is important to keep revisiting my action plan in order to examine my analysis and learning process, I might face the challenge of changing some of my behaviors here and there. Knowing that ‘old habits die hard’, it will be of great importance that I make as many attempts as possible to change any behavior considered a vise in this profession (Kiser, 2000). One of such is the tendency I have of failing to note everything during counseling sessions.

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