Essay: Challenges Caused By Technology in Organizations

17 Oct

Essay: Challenges Caused By Technology in Organizations

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Technological advancement within organizations has brought a number of challenges. Taking into consideration that most organizations are using the digital technology in most of their operations, the digital technology makes the firm has to become prone to many dangers.

Communication through the internet is prone to cyber crime just like any other e-commerce related kind of transaction. Cyber crime has affected many organizations costing them resources in form of monetary cost and information. Through computer hackers, many organizations’ systems have been attacked and the hackers have used the information they access against the firms’ (Braithwaite 4)

            Another great challenge caused by technology in an organization is the financial cost. Technology changes daily and for a firm in business to remain competitive, it must employ latest technology that is very efficient making the organization to remain at a competitive advantage. However, the cost of investing into technology is very high and requires a firm to have a strong financial muscle. Technology changes within firms require constant training of the employees to utilize the new changes and laying off some employees. Though it is imperative to train employees, the unscheduled training of employs caused by unplanned technology changes is unnecessary business expense. On the other hand, laying off employees due to efficiency brought by advanced machines makes them lose their source of livelihood by rendering them jobless.

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