Essay: Carrying out the Research

18 Oct

Essay: Carrying out the Research

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The most important stage of carrying out a research is included in this chapter. This section describes the various data collecting procedures used and how they were deployed to yield the results. The main data collection tool was the interview, which was accompanied by a sort of different interview called semi-structure questionnaire. This section also elaborates on why these kinds of interviews need not be confused with ordinary questionnaires.

A pilot test done before real data collection is described thereafter with some of the most advantageous reasons being given. This is followed by a data analysis section that shows how data was processed to yield the interpretations obtained from this research. Any research work obviously encounters a number of obstacles before completion. This chapter highlights some of the most likely limitations that could inconvenience data accuracy. Credibility and transferability of the research results are also affirmed followed by a brief evaluation of ethical considerations made to ensure data accuracy and reliability eventually making the whole research project comes to fruition.

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