Essay: Career Development Process

12 Oct

Essay: Career Development Process

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Finally, it is important to consider the career development process of the individual. Indeed, adults find themselves making certain career goals not knowing that it is an aspect in their development. Fantasy jump starts the career journey of the person. Here, the ideals of the career are unrealistic. At tentative stage, the individual is unstable with the choices of life s/her makes but then lead to the realistic stage where the individual explores, focuses and eventually, settles for a career.

It is important to note that the image one has about himself/herself determines his/her career choice. If one is very humble then s/he chooses careers that require humility; if one is very arrogant and brave, s/he may settle to becoming a police or a body guard and so on and so forth. It is at the adolescent stage that individuals understand themselves as pertains to their self-image. In so doing, they develop ideas about work, consolidate their choices, and start to act in ways that reflect the dynamics of the willed career together with taking certain training courses that can grow their career. After this, work for a more consolidated career enhancement.

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