Essay: Bush administration becoming involved in a war with Iraq

10 Oct

Essay: Bush administration becoming involved in a war with Iraq

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The September 9, 2001 terror attacks lead to Bush administration focusing more on Saddam Hussein and loosening the grip on Osama bin laden. This lead to invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the US forces together with the United Kingdom under tony Blair. Iraq had completely declined to comply with the united nation order to Stop making weapons of mass destruction making the US and the UK invade it (Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, 41).    This invasion came amid reports that Iraq had allowed inspectors from the United Nations to investigate the claims. The inspection found no evidence about the claim a fact that the US and the UK ignored and went ahead to attack Iraq. Iraq was also associated with terrorism indirectly with the US administration claiming that the country supported several terror groups including al-Qaida. The two allies planned and landed in Iraq on 20 March 2003 launching heavy air and ground attacks on Sadaam Hussein. Fighting continued with insurgents fighting back strongly. This is perhaps an indicator that the US was right by accusing Sadaam of supporting terror groups.

The US third infantry division advanced west and north until they were very close to Baghdad as the first marine moved towards the center of the country. This culminated in the capture of Bagdad and Saddam Hussein on 13 December 2003 (Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, 72). This saw insurgency increase in 2004 against the US and UK forces with deaths being reported from both sides. The country did its election in 2005. In January 2007 bush proposed a further increase of US troops but reversed the decision in December following a public outcry. The US troops are still in Iraq until today although there are progressive withdrawals.

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