Essay: Burning Chrome by William Gibson

18 Oct

Essay: Burning Chrome by William Gibson

Sample Essay

Burning Chrome is a short story written by William Gibson and that was published in July 1982.The story is a science fiction. The main characters in Burning Chrome are two hackers who hack systems to obtain profit. These two main characters are Automatic Jack whose field is hardware and Bobby Quine who deals with software. Rikki, although a minor character, is the third character in the story. She is a girl whom Bobby becomes infatuated and for whom he intends to hit big to win her to his side.

Automatic Jack obtains Russian Hacking software that is hard to trace, very sophisticated, and thus tries to use it to benefit financially. Bobby decided to hack the system of a vicious and notorious criminal called Chrome who handles money transfer for organized crimes. Automatic Jack unwillingly agrees to help. The break in is eventually successful, but Rikki leaves the group and goes to theHollywoodleaving Jack and Quine sad as they had grown to love her. The story mixes past and present and is told in first person perspective by Jack.

Is there a good guy here?

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