Essay: US Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004)

19 Oct

Essay: US Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004)

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According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004) the possibility of committing and falling victim to crime as well depends on a number of demographic characteristics, as well as location of the population. Overall, minorities, the young, and those in financially less favorable positions are more likely to be victimized by, as well as commit, crimes (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005). Crime in the US is also intense to some areas.

Furthermore, it is rather frequent for crime in American cities to be extremely concentrated in a few, often economically disadvantaged areas. For instance, San Mateo County, California with a population of roughly 624,000 and 17 homicides in 2001, 6 of these 17 homicides happened in moderately poor, largely African and Hispanic American East Palo Alto, which had a populace of roughly 30,000. So, while East Palo Alto accounted for 4.8% of the population, around one-third of the homicides there (Fosdick and Raymond 1920).

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