Essay: The Budget Crisis in Kuwait

19 Oct

Essay: The Budget Crisis in Kuwait

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The other issues that are of important to the importation are: the budget crisis that Kuwait is facing, and how it is affecting importation looking into the impact of the Iraqi invasion and what effects it led to the government of Kuwait. The major determining factors in the Kuwait government have to be looked into. Thereby, paving way to reviewing the import regulations and control that the Kuwaiti government has put in place and the current effort by the government in import and free market expansion in addressed briefly, and then the procedure that take place in the establishment of the import regulations and agreement ending with a brief conclusion.

Chapter three shall be based on the findings of the literature review. In this chapter, the researcher shall establish the methods to be used for carrying out the research. Additionally, the researcher shall present the rationale behind each choice of method. Consequently, the role played by both the primary and secondary literature shall be briefly mentioned before explaining the methods that shall be used for data collection and analysis. Nevertheless, chapter four, which shall now deal with the analysis of research findings, and the implications that such findings have on the importation of goods and services shall closely follow chapter three. The final chapter five shall then pick up from the chapter on research findings. This chapter shall deal with the final clarification of the whole research process from the start to the end. Consequently, the researcher shall present recommendations towards the establishment of better systems for effective import regulation and enhancing international relations.

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