Essay: Break From Landscape Paintings

22 Oct

Essay: Break From Landscape Paintings

Renoir decided to take a break from landscape paintings and turned to human beings and therefore makes the women his main subjects for the painting. In the middle foreground, there is a girl called Estelle who is clad in a striped dress. She is the sister to Jeanne, Renoir’s model. The girl dancing on the left is Margot, another of Renoir’s models and she is dancing with Cardenas, a Cuban painter.

Renoir’s friends Frank Lamy, Norbert Goeneutte and Georges Rivière are seated at the table on the foreground right. This painting was exhibited at the third Impressionist exhibition held in 1877 alongside other paintings of Renoir. Rivière commended this painting for capturing the daily leisure life of the Parisians and termed it as historical[i].

[i] Ibid.

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