Essay: Books Usage and Digital Revolution

17 Oct

Essay: Books Usage and Digital Revolution

Sample Essay

Digital revolution revolves around the usage of various technologies in an effort to change the manner in which a number of processes are carried out in the modern world. Digital revolution has the potential to change a number of existing industries in several ways in which different technological developments have been unable to.

Digital revolution has also altered the reading culture through the transformation of the media through which books are relayed to the intended readers.

With the coming of several new technologies, there has been an anticipation that books may come to an end. Just like the music industry which has undergone a number of transformations, it is anticipated that books will also change in order to suit the ever changing lifestyle (Robert 2001). Publication of books could also be altered in order to ensure that the ‘published’ books are now relayed through digital means rather than the use of papers for printing. The development of Sony eBook reader and the Amazaon’s Kindle, though likely t bring some change in the books arena, may never lead to total eradication of the use of books in the future.

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