Essay: Books Destroyed

16 Oct

Essay: Books Destroyed

Sample Essay

Despite the many efforts put into place to conserve books and other related religious materials, Edwards, Armstrong, and Lonsdale (2002, pp.200-230) argues that books were normally destroyed in the order of Diocletian in the 304 CE.

It was the Monasteries that actually conserved the various religious texts that existed at the time. The many books that existed were based on the political battles which were being fought and the ideologies of the governments.

Traditionally, copyright issues and patent rights never existed and in situation where such a perception did exist, no emphasis was laid to the actual implementation. The emergence of the copyright issues, though having ensured that the authors of the books benefit from their materials, resulted into a slow pace of books development. Never the less, the emergence of internet and technology results into a change of platform through which written materials are exchanged.


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