Essay: Bisexual, Sexual and Same Gender Orientation

17 Oct

Essay: Bisexual, Sexual and Same Gender Orientation

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In accordance with McIntosh (2008) states that the sole interest that drive the debate to hottest on this sensitive topic of sexuality is the contention to explain whether or not bisexual sexual or same gender orientation is a choice.

To only point out the groups of interest is this debate is members of gay community, bisexual community and lesbian community. If assumptions are anything to go by, then essentialists assume sexual orientation whether same-gender, heterosexual or bisexual is a fixed independent biological mechanism that steers individual behaviors or desires directed to either women or women irrespective of experience and circumstances faced by the individual rather than a conscious choice.  On contrasting views, the social constructionism put their emphasis on the assumption that individual’s sexual orientation is constructed or chosen (Delamater and shibley 1998). There is a slight difference on the technical jargon used in social constructionism, social constructionism prefer sexual preference to essentialists’ sexual orientation.  In this sense, sexual preference as used gives an insight that the role placed upon individuals in relation to determining hi or her social orientation or what one prefers. In other words, by using sexual preference it imply that individuals make a conscious, intentional choice of sexual partners or take an active part in constructing their sexuality.

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