Essay: Bilateral Agreements between Syria and Iran

11 Oct

Essay: Bilateral Agreements between Syria and Iran

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Bilateral agreements between Syria and Iran are another indicator that the alliance is growing stronger everyday. In recent years, the two countries have signed a number of bilateral agreements on several sectors among the tourism, banking, environment, industry, agriculture, eights and measurements, tariffs, education, land transport among many others (Byman, 2006). These agreements total to about 30 by March 2007. The countries have gone further to design tripartite agreements with Venezuela for construction of an oil refinery in Syria.

The agreements imply that the two countries are still so much committed to earlier goals and objectives of cooperating with each other. Strength in the alliance can be explained even further by the fact that agreements signed earlier are yet to be implemented. This means that the countries are prepared for future cooperation. For example, the agreement on tourism was signed in Tehran back in July 1984 but implementation was delayed until mid 1999 when the implementation framework was signed in Damascus. Education agreement was signed in 1984 but was assigned an implementation program only in 2002 (Byman, 2006).

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