Essay: Bikini Panty

17 Oct

Essay: Bikini Panty

Sample Essay

In a bikini panty notice the similarity in shape with the ‘granny’ panty (speaker should show visual…..). The difference emanates from the fact that the front part of a bikini panty is shaped just enough to fit the groin area and falls below the navel.

The rear side just covers the whole surface area like the ‘granny’. The front part as you can see is quite appealing but the rear is just the same old ‘granny’ style. Recall that earlier I mentioned the fact that around 1950 the advertisements were geared towards sexual appeal. Again, at that time the underwear business was at its peak and the designers came up with so many styles. At this point they reduced the size of the ‘granny’ to incorporate the aspect of sexual appeal. As time went by, the sexual appeal factor crazed the undergarment market which led to much sheer and lighter panties like the thong.

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