Essay: Behavior of children with ADHD

15 Oct

Essay: Behavior of children with ADHD

Sample Essay

Disruptive behavior towards other students is common for children with ADHD, noisiness, calling out and becoming increasingly angry and upset when not given attention is common with this student as his impulsiveness can somewhat be distracting and disengage him from his work (Sellikowitz, 2004).

 Despite the students’ inattentive and compulsive behavior he has quite a personality with open mindedness to learning and interacting with others in class and on the playground. He enjoys using concrete materials in all lessons and loves to have a role in helping out with preparation for lessons. After continuous observation and communication with the student, it is understood that he enjoys participating and has higher concentration levels in key learning areas within creative arts, thus being the reason I have designed a full day of work including a lesson within this KLA.

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