Essay: Barriers to change and their management

15 Oct

Essay: Barriers to change and their management

Sample Essay

The change reception do not mean that people hate change but rather fear change, therefore to succeed in HR strategy implementation is to contain this people’s fear. In this regard there are two main categories in relation to change (Lovington 2005). These two categories are hard barriers like legal obstacles, resources inadequacy, and IT problem. The second category of barriers is termed as soft barriers which includes external, individual and group resistance.

Identifying the problem precedes its solution. Hence it is vital to work out on people’s fear in relation to those two categories of barriers. For instance hard barriers, NIC management team shall ensure resources availability to be used in implementing change, outsource information technology and technology that is relevant to implement the HR strategy. And lastly consult legal expertise on the employment Act.

The soft barriers can only be managed effectively through the use of training and involvement of stakeholders, workforce and groups in the redesigning of the desired change to the organization. Therefore strong leadership is key success factor combined with learning and training for relevant skills that are required for the organization. The importance of involving the workforce is that it makes them be part of change and not only feeling the heat of change, hence they own the entire process of change (Mark 2001, Samson 1990).

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