Essay: Avoiding negative transfer

15 Oct

Essay: Avoiding negative transfer

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To avoid negative transfer probabilities being high on trainees, the following strategy should be employed. Choosing of the training instruction approach that offer opportunity to the trainee to learn variety of relevant task and make trainees practice step by step; use of real life problems that are relevant to the context that trainees are expected to apply the instruction; use of different examples; encourage trainees to set goals provide them feedback and make them aware of range of skills and knowledge by specifying transfer requirements; encourage discover learning through case study, history and structured exercises; and projects assignment and group discussion should be encouraged.

Apart from training strategies to facilitate positive transfer workplace factors also do influence the transfer of trainee. For instance, lack of resources power structure of organization and the entrenched attitude (Bradley 1999: 145) through training intervention design must be identical in accordance to those in work place situation as an initial incentive. Other factors that have effect on the transfer are; availability of an opportunity for trainees to perform trained task at the work place; delays between the time of training and actual use of skill on job; feedback provided by peer subordinate and supervisors; possibility of generalization from one point to another; support and reinforcement from team leadership.

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