Essay: Author of Sherlock Holmes

15 Oct

Essay: Author of Sherlock Holmes

Sample Essay

The author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is very successful in bringing in mind the moor’s bleakness, the drowning and slipping peril of the moor and its bogs, the frightening after effects attributed to a ghostly nocturnal shriek in the open areas.

A dark atmosphere is exaggerated by the Hugo evils in Baskerville whereby ancestral sins are claimed to have brought the hound curse to his kinsmen or descendants.

Detective Holmes, who doesn’t believe in superstition (fallacy) but believes in his physical logic scrupulously and scrutinizes each and every detail in his vicinity and does not reveal to anybody till he unravel the puzzle word. In the book, Watson is compassionate and emotional and works along with Holmes but his major responsibility is to give the story but not a detective.

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