Essay: Authentic learning through technology

14 Oct

Essay: Authentic learning through technology

Sample Essay

Technology offers some of the best opportunities for delivering instruction to engage students in authentic learning, addressing multiple intelligences, and adapting to students’ learning styles. Technology could reduce the educational disparities created by race, income, and region, and accommodate differences in learning (Imel, 1999). “Students who are unsuccessful in traditional learning situations can find ways to be successful using diverse technologies” (Wesley, 2004, p. 218-219). Each student has unique interests and past learning experiences.

An individualized instructional program for each student allows for flexibility in teaching methods and motivational strategies to consider these individual differences. Dropout statistics show that numerous so-called normal students are not succeeding because they are not treated as individuals (Stainback & Stainback, 1992).“Indeed, research strongly suggests that schools which have created smaller and/or personalized learning environments have higher attendance and lower dropout rates” (Railsback, 2004, p. 12).

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