Essay: Assumption that Money is the only Motivator

15 Oct

Essay: Assumption that Money is the only Motivator

Sample Essay

Assumption that some managers cling on to that money is the only motivator for the employees is really not true, yet it holds some substantial truth in it. Based on the discussion, money can only serve as a prime motivating factor through combination of both direct and indirectly potential to realize and achieve the needs of employees, if well designed. For instance, an organization instead of increasing employee salaries, it can insure the employee and his or her family in healthy and safety issues to enable employee achieve the need for security and in the process money is still a motivator.

Important to note is that there are other initiatives according to the theories and practice to enhance motivation. The incentives which focus on making workplace more conducive and interesting are job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment. Motivators should be recognized by the employee as linked to performance. The motivators should employees cantered and resource based in their design which can be achieved through manager’s communication with employees to learn about their need and what they value most, encouraging increased participation and good feedback mechanism should be encouraged.

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