Essay: Assigning truant officers

14 Oct

Essay: Assigning truant officers

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The authors did analyze assigning of a truant officer to students and families with attendance problems which they perceived to be ineffective by students and their families in short-term. However, this approach could have promising results in the long-term to increase attendance rates. The data they obtained from their sample was lacking in the aspect of truants who did not receive those serves and also failed to give clear delineation of services children received through truant officers.

Schools conducted family counseling workshops that focused on building on the community’s own strengths and resources, with the overall aim of increasing school attendance. The study showed that the impact included up to five months of family counseling (Epstein and Sheldon 2002). The authors of this study were of the view that community could provide a contributory environment for academics and discipline of all students.

Referring of chronically absent students to counselors was also featured in this study as part of dealing with truancy. Teachers were expected to conduct a strict attendance registers of the student they teach with a particular emphasis on chronically absent students. The use of counselors was considered to be the most effective way to reduce the truancy rate as compared to other programs which included court systems.

The approach of connecting family with school contact individuals was also featured by several principals. The approach aimed at creating a meaningful incentive for parents to be involved in truancy prevention activities. The aspect was described to include home visits made by contact persons who targeted chronic absenteeism in particular. The approach did not achieve the much desired effect on overall attendance rates as expected by several principals.

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