Essay: The Asian – Americans

19 Oct

Essay: The Asian – Americans

Sample Essay

The Asian Americans form another ethnic group that has experienced several forms of discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes in America. This community which is of Asian descent had almost the same experience as the African Americans in America. In the recent times, this community forms one of the fastest growing populations in America due to increased births and immigration. According to the US Bureau of Statistics (1991), there were 7.3 million Asian Americans in America. This forms 2.9% of the total population in America (Massey, 1999).

Since this community has not had much contact with the Americans compared to the African Americans, all what is known about the community arose through stereotypes and prejudices particularly spread by the media. The Asian American are still portrayed in movies and the media as having heavy accents and pigtails and mysteriously similar to Charlie Chan or as an exotic sex object similar to Suzie Wong (Massey, 1999). Recently, the community has been particularly portrayed as the model minority group. This has led to the evolvement of supernormal images depicting the Asian Americans as a community that has continuously enjoyed all forms of success in the American land. Through the media, several stereotyped articles have proliferated that portray the Asian Americans as the triumph of the Asians or as outwitting the whites (Massey, 1999).

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