Essay: Aristotle and Descartes on Human Person

15 Oct

Essay: Aristotle and Descartes on Human Person

Sample Essay

Descartes Meditations begun by attempting to doubt everything then moved on to build up from that to those few things which we can know with certainty. These mediations were written during the time when the recognized sciences were Aristotelian; therefore, it implies that the philosophy of science that prevailed was also Aristotelian.

Descartes mediation on Aristotle’s philosophical thoughts exposes flaws in Aristotelian philosophy of science initially.  For instance, Descartes exposes that in Aristotelian philosophy of science, an explanation is a syllogism in the sense that an observed fact of the form A is C is shown to be necessary by premises of the form A is B and B is C, where B is the middle term that connects A and C. for example of a such argument can be:

All men are mortal; James is a man; therefore, James is mortal.

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