Essay: Archeology

15 Oct

Essay: Archeology

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Archeology today has become a discipline of importance to most scholars. Its value has cut across the world as different civilizations have a keen interest in digging out the past human events so that it might solve mysterious problems challenging human life.

The aim is to acquire the hidden mysterious or knowledge inherent in our history and somehow provide interpretations that can be useful to the present world. Various designs to acquire this knowledge can be used to gain insight from the historical world. In this study a lot shall be considered as far as excavation is concerned and more so indicate how it has contributed to the interpretation system of most archeologists.

Archeology was recognized during 19th and century though its dynamics were confined to Europe. By late 19th and early 20th centuries, archaeology was established enough to be a formal subject area of study, though its main activities were based in Europe, referred to as “cradle of civilization” in America and southwestern Asia. However, currently archaeology is a diverse discipline practiced worldwide with aim of revealing past chronological accounts that bear importance to today’s man life. There are several definitions that have been advanced as far as archeology is concerned.

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