Essay: Archeological Records

15 Oct

Essay: Archeological Records

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It is worth noting that archeological records exist in diverse ways and hence the difference on the method of interpretation.

For example, human and animal remains, artifacts, or man-made objects, or plant and provide one mode that archeological records can take. Structural elements, hearths and pits, village sites or cemeteries are another mode that archeological records take. Technology, settlement and subsistence patters and social systems are also another mode of existence that archeological records take. The aspect of technology is understood from the study of shelter, tools and mode of acquiring raw materials utilized to manufacture them. Emphasis on the tools used, traces of former shelters and capturing the source of their raw materials acts as strong archeological evidence. Economic practices especially on how food was gathered and the uses of food resources define the subsistence patterns. Archeologists, therefore, interpret subsistence from the tools used to acquire food, animal and plant remains.

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