Essay: Archaeological Settlement Surveys

15 Oct

Essay: Archaeological Settlement Surveys

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Katharina (2010) notes that Archaeological settlement surveys, as they were often done in the past, and are still done in many parts of the world, were typically designed to locate sites for excavation.

Other forms of survey were designed to locate particular site types pertaining to a particular time period, for example, Iron Age Hill Forts in England. Modern surveys, however, address entire regions and focus on problems of long-term cultural change. Settlement archeology is more inclined to region, in other words it brings forth issues of a regional nature. Settlement archaeology tends to address issues of a regional nature, including such problems as hunter-gatherer subsistence and the emergence of political complexity an observation made by Katharina (2010).

Jean Francois is on record for his efforts to explore Gallinazo Group a 2,000 year old city that has barely been touched by excavators.  At 70 hectares in size, the Gallinazo Group was one of the largest urban centre, in the New World, during its existence. It was built by a people that some archaeologists refer to as the “Gallinazo culture.”

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