Essay: Arab nationalism and Islamism

12 Oct

Essay: Arab nationalism and Islamism

Sample Essay

Two ideologies exist between the Arab and the Muslim as a religion. Islamism is described clearly as a set of ideologies purporting that Muslim is not only a religion but also a political system back to which the Muslims should return and unite politically (Cook, 200, p. 26). This group assume that all Muslims should be governed by the Sharia law (Islamic), and suggests elimination of non-Muslims with special attention to western cultures and other foreign practices which may come as social, political, economic or cultural. This group operates on anti democratic leadership and only believes that Muslim are the only group legitimate to rule the world (28).

Supporters of this belief believe that all that practice Islam are Islamists. However, this argument has been challenged by some scholars among them John Esposito, Fred Halliday, and a Muslim intellectual Ahmad Ghamidi who tend to separate Islamist from Islam (Anderson, 2006, p.46). Islamist have however responded strongly some arguing that if one lives by and practices all social, political and cultural norms of a Islam, then that individual is automatically a Muslim. This denomination has grown much as indicated by increasing number in those that share the same beliefs.

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