Essay: Approaches to Preventing Alzheimer’s disease

Sample Essay

Non modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s include: Age; this remains as the strongest risk factor for dementia, particularly for Alzheimer’s. The risk doubles every five years in individuals above 65 years. The risk however increases by close to 50%after 85 years.

Family history; traces of Alzheimer’s in families’ accounts for 5% or less of cases. Hereditary or environmental factors related to families are major influences of this disease. Genetic factors; early Alzheimer occurring before 65 years accounts for 6-7% of all Alzheimer’s.13% of these clearly exhibit autosomal dominant transmission over more than one generation.30-70% of mutations are in presenilin-1 gene, 10-15% are in the amyloid precursor protein gene, and less than 5% are in the presenilin-2 gene (Bassil & Grossberg, 2009, p.30).

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