Essay: Applying optimization policies in school

14 Oct

Essay: Applying optimization policies in school

Sample Essay

It is the obligation of school management to apply all manners that are effective to ensure that students are able to learn and teachers are able to at their optimum. However, suspension and expulsion are a major failure in producing any positive results as far as discipline for truant is concerned (Tobin, Sugai, & Colvin, 1996).

Researchers have been unable to provide a link that could justify interventions that depend upon excluding a student from the class since it understood that “time spent in learning is the single best predictor of positive academic outcomes” (Skiba, & Sprague 2008, p.39). Research indicates that removal of troublesome students from school does not cut down the interruption nor improve school environment adequate to offset the underlying risks to educational opportunity (Advancement Project & Civil Rights Project, 2000; Skiba & Rausch, 2006).

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