Essay: Application of Green Chemistry

11 Oct

Essay: Application of Green Chemistry

Sample Essay

In the year 2005, a scientist named Ryōji Noyori successfully introduced three innovations that boosted understanding and application of green chemistry (Geeta, 2007, p. 64). He proposed the use of supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent, which he presumed green. He also developed clean oxidation pathways using aqueous hydrogen peroxide and finally the use of hydrogen gas in asymmetric synthesis. The inventions have served as replacement of ancient methods that are not environment friendly thus boosting conservation of natural resources.

Industrial processes that do not negatively affect the environment such as supercritical oxidation of water are just one of the few products of green chemistry. Green chemistry as a branch of green technology whose benefits can be maximized by coming up with good policies that will promote conservation of the environment. Although the technology will have little effects on how we produce goods and sell them, the economic impact will be minimal compared to benefits to the same economy the technology will bring. This is another argument that supports adoption of green chemistry and its applications.

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