Essay: Analysis of Baldwin’s book

11 Jan

Essay: Analysis of Baldwin’s book

Sample Essay

The lives of the blacks living in the Southern states were full of misery. During the 19th century, the blacks in the Southern states were racially segregated and had no civil rights; they were brutally murdered by the whites and lynched in public. Moreover, the almost all the cotton farms in the Southern states were infected by the boll weevil beetles, causing major economic crises in there areas, worsening the already financially unstable conditions of the black slaves. Correspondingly, the industrial boom in the Northern states, plus the Immigration Act of immigration from outsideAmerica, this caused an increase in job opportunities for the blacks, resulting in the Great Migration. (Lee 25-31)

Baldwin’s book, Go Tell It to the Mountain, narrates the story of the Grimes, a five member, highly religious black family that lives in America during the period of 1930s. The book is divided into five sections, which narrates the lives of all the family members living together, according to their own perceptions and experiences.

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