Essay: The Amount of Crime within a Population

17 Oct

Essay: The Amount of Crime within a Population

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Crime data collected from law enforcement agencies and victim surveys is used to generate statistics which are then used to measure the risk and amount of crime within a population. This data is reported in both the NCVS and UCR programs. Assessing the crime rate in a certain locality or population indicates the risk of exposure of people within the population or locality to crime.

Crime rates are used to implement policies and funding for programs

It is important for the citizens of a country to feel protected from criminal offenders and to feel safe in their own country so as to freely execute their personal and collective duties. The freedom to execute these duties is made vulnerable in situations where criminal offenses are common. The essence of assessing crime rate within localities and the risk of target populations to crime and its effects is therefore a major concern for government who utilize such information to and funding programs that would act as intervention measures to the minimization and eradication of crime as well as provide alternatives to offenders (pp.130-140).

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