Essay: American Interests in the Middle East

15 Oct

Essay: American Interests in the Middle East

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Democracy was however never introduced in this country as it is a very strict monarchy up to hitherto (54). After three years, president H.S Truman manipulated both the domestic politics to agree with his thoughts of moral considerations to support creation of a new Jewish state of Israel which America went ahead to recognize first among other nations in the world. This was despite the fact that this attempt risked an immediate cut off in the oil supply deal (Michael, 2011, p. 46).

Since then, the Arab world considers America as one of its enemies especially for advocating for recognition of Israel. These events changed completely the role of Americans the region and how it is perceived as, tearing it between its interest in both Israel and the Arab nations (Michael, 2011, p.48). Arabs started to realize that Americans were there only for the purposes of protecting its interest in the oil industry and further divide their land to establish other illegitimate nations on whose platform America would operate to colonize the Arab world (66). American powers and its ideals were one of the major interests that America wants to uphold in the Middle East.

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