Essay: The American competent model-fourth phase

17 Oct

Essay: The American competent model-fourth phase

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The fourth phase involves communicating roles and competencies throughout organization. In this phase the processes and activities involved intensive communication between Human Resources community; to customers and all stakeholders; and apply in recruiting, promoting, training and rewarding. The fifth phase of the implementation strategy involves establishing process to gain competencies.

This can be achieved by setting up organization or infrastructure for career development or career development framework; Clarifying employee responsibility and accountability for gaining proficiency in required competency(s); and provide reinforcing mechanisms  such as  rewards and recognition for achieving desired results, consequences for failure to change and availability of transition strategies for employees.

The sixth phase involves measuring results of the HR staff impact on mission with companied process and activities such as linking of GPRA and organizational measures and individual Human Resources professional’s performance tied to and measured in performance management process. The seventh phase and last in the implementation strategy involves correct, adjust and improve the transformation process based on experience and results obtained. This is attained through establishing continuous learning, continuous change as way of life in the Human Resources organization and maintaining Human Resources staff profile of skills and competencies compatible with fluctuations in the mission and business objectives of the organizations serviced.

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