Essay: Is America in a State of Decline

15 Oct

Essay: Is America in a State of Decline

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The question as to whether United States is in decline has made many raise their eyebrows. It is not only many Americans who think United States is in a state of decline; other nations think so (Krauthammer 12). In this paper however, I will argue that America is not on decline using relevant theories and practical evidence throughout the paper.

Theory of long cycles and Hegemonic stability theory are vital theories in determining whether United States of America is in decline or not. Hegemonic Stability Theory (HST) is a useful theory of international relationships (Joseph 2). The theory’s information is significant since it is rooted from the fields of political Science, history and economics all of which are viable variables in establishing United States status. Hegemony refers to ability of state to dominate the arrangements and rules of global economic and political relations (Mark 67). Hegemonic Stability theory indicates that the international system is in a position to remain stable incase a single nation state becomes a hegemon (dominant world power.) Hegemony deploys its “preponderance of power” in leadership through persuasion, diplomacy and coercion as it is evitable in United States (Joshua p.107).

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