Essay: Second Amendment for Gun Control

19 Mar

Essay: Second Amendment for Gun Control

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By the second amendment, every citizen of the United States has the right to bear fire arms for his or her own protection as well as the possible need for a militia in times of war (Kopel 1999). This is a remnant of the country’s history which had to endure a revolutionary war againstGreat Britain, a massive civil war as well as the ever present issue of slavery which always seemed to require households to carry guns.

Since then gun control has become a touchy issue. In this regard, a ban was brought into place on assault weapons in 1994 which saw the end of a ten year reign in 2004 when the Republican president George Bush refused to extend it (Carter 2009). Now most people argue that it is military style assault rifles that should be banned and not handguns or those used for hunting and sport.

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