Essay: The African- Americans

19 Oct

Essay: The African- Americans

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Most of the African-Americans in America originated from slavery and slave trade. Due to this form of background, the descendants of this community have experienced all forms of racism and oppression from the white Americans. Despite the freedom and citizenship that they were awarded after the civil war, the African American continued to experience all sorts of discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping. The “Jim Crow” rules exercised in the south still persisted. These laws required that the African Americans used their own bathrooms, buses, and nursing homes as well as attend their separate educational facilities (Massey, 1999).

They were not supposed to mingle with the whites even in the streets. Segregation in the education sector was formal until the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court’s decision of 1954 that illegalized all forms of segregation in the education sector. Despite this, the two communities and other minority groups still experience segregation. In the criminal justice system, the African Americans are still discriminated. Several studies have indicated that the African Americans have the highest probability of being convicted of first degree murder compared to the white Americans. They also have the highest probability of receiving death penalty than the white Americans despite being convicted of the same criminal offence (Kressin, Raymond & Manze, 2008).

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