Essay: Advertising the teletransport device through media

18 Oct

Essay: Advertising the teletransport device through media

On the other hand, the reason as to why I reject the working class is in consideration of the fact that, the group is largely comprised by the non-skilled and the middle-skilled individuals who earn low wages and salaries. As such the number of potential buyers is only limited to the highly skilled who might have enough money to purchase the device. Additionally, the fact that, not all workers are learned, brings about the need to first educate them on how the device operates into place. However, educating them is not only time consuming but also expensive due to the costs of hiring the educators among other things and therefore resulting into more expenses being  incurred compared to the revenue from the possible sales.


Advertising is most renowned and efficient means of introducing a community into the market ( and as such, in targeting my potential buyers, I would first advertise the teletransport device through media that is television and radios especially, during the show breaks and most importantly on the internet. Statistics indicate that, the youths are the major internet users and as such, posting adverts on the internet is likely to reach a large number of the potential buyers (

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