Essay: Adverse effects of conflict at workplace

12 Oct

Essay: Adverse effects of conflict at workplace

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Conflict at workplace has adverse effects such as difficult in retention of good employees particularly nurses and other direct patient-care providers, lead to job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and turnover.   For instance, the national average of voluntary resignations that result substantially from unresolved conflict accounts to over 65 percent. While the cost of replacing a specialty nurse is 156 percent of annual salary (College of Nurses of Ontario 2006). Therefore, the cost-benefit of retaining just one nurse by resolving a conflict is economical than replacing. This course helps me to gain better understanding of the sources and outcomes of conflict within nursing work environments that informs the prevention of such conflicts.

However, in order to understand well the application of the knowledge and skills gained, there is need to have a practical approach since practice make perfect. Some essential strategies to gain the practical competence in conflict resolution include group discussion with classmates and applying the skills to resolve conflicts and disagreements with our study group (Archibald, 2003).  This group setting correlates to the working environment of critical care nursing units. Fortunately, as a leader of my study group, it gives me an upper hand to even experience leadership perspective from nursing point of view.

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