Essay: Advantages of Green Technology

17 Oct

Essay: Advantages of Green Technology

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Green energy is aimed at ensuring sustainability and economic growth at the social level, adopting this initiative fully is likely to cause more harm than gain to various economies meaning that purported benefits of green purchasing look more apparent than real. Therefore, this is one of the major concerns that researchers should consider evaluating.

Green purchasing is cost effective in several ways. It reduces cost of disposing off since these products are biodegradable. As Avato, & Coony (2008, p. 82) puts it, green purchasing generates less waste and have a long lifespan. These products are also said to work better than other non-green materials. Green products are not readily available because most manufactures are not willing to produce more of the kind. Tastes and preferences have pushed man closer to non-green products, which are considered cheap. As much as these products seems less attractive and expensive, cheap will always be expensive.

In terms of social benefits, green purchasing is said to be economically beneficial as it adds or increases shareholder value of an industry manufacturing green products. Scientists argue that these industries may attract many consumers who prefer going green. Such opinions should however be left for economists and the rest of the business fraternity to guarantee and validate. Good business prospects in these products still remains illusive for most manufactures who are forced to manufacture non-green products by the market. However, this view is supported by having more people getting educated on green buying. This might be expensive and tie consuming before everybody gets onboard.

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