Essay: Adult Developmental Issues

12 Oct

Essay: Adult Developmental Issues

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It was stated earlier long that practitioners ought to determine which elements are biological; cognitive and; socioemotional in the quest to understanding adult development. As such, the aspect of maturation and experience is characterized by the systematic changes embedded in the genetic imprint of a person. Besides, the development process has aspects that are in continuity and on the other hand, there are those aspects that are in discontinuity. Continuity of development is characterized by the gradual and systematic transformations right from the moment of birth to the point of death. Discontinuity of development on the other hand, involves the diverse stages in the life span. It is important to note that, there are early-later experience issues which are connoted by the degree that early or later experiences impact on the process of development.

The aspect of age is another important issue whenever scholars set out to investigate the development process. The notion of age will vary in different respects in that they are viewed chronologically, biologically, psychologically, and socially. This will be deepened more in the course of this study. Just to reiterate what has been illustrated earlier that there are three fundamental processes in development namely: biological process; cognitive process and; socialemotional process. In principle, the growth and development of a human being is always an integral development due to his/her hylemorphic nature. This means that s/he cannot be regarded just as a corporeal reality but also as a spiritual reality. In clear terms, the basic dimensions of human development are body, mind and spirit. Therefore, the mind means the cognitive and the spirit means the social and emotional dimension.

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