Essay: Addressing the issue of truancy

14 Oct

Essay: Addressing the issue of truancy

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Principals in schools that apply programs that are aimed towards addressing the issue of truancy have reported positive outcomes and they consider them as more effective than traditional out-of-school discipline methods (Skiba, Rausch, & Ritter 2004). Children feel respected and safer in schools than when out of school. Students would maintain a bond with other students and teachers once they lean that they are being regarded as important part of society. There are several life skills that are taught by teachers in school as part of curriculum to foster cooperativeness among students and teachers (Skiba, Rausch, & Ritter 2004).

Bullying Prevention programs are best suited for deterring truancy among students. They very comprehensive in nature since they address all form of torment to students all al school levels. Students have a  safe place to learn free from harassments. A comprehensive violence prevention plan, including conflict resolution, must deal with potential violence as well as crisis management. A safe learning environment provides daily experiences, at all grade levels, which enhance positive social attitudes and effective interpersonal skills in all students. One of the causes of truancy is school climate, including feelings of physical safety (Heilbrunn & Seeley, 2003). “Victims of bullying suffer consequences beyond embarrassment. Some victims experience psychological and/or physical distress, are frequently absent and cannot concentrate on school work” (Sampson, 2004, p. 12). Bullies are more likely to be truant and drop out of school.

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